It is with much love and light that we welcome you to the Advanced

Usui Reiki Master levels and it is with a sense of joy & excitement that we share these beautiful Master Level energies with you here!

At this stage of the Reiki journey, having walked through the Ascension Pathways, completing either the Unified Pathway To Light (Master Level) or the Pathway To Light (Volume 4), you are now ready to open up and start receiving these beautiful Advanced Usui Reiki Master Level energies with much love & light.

As it was explained to us by The Collective, these Master levels will help to ‘unlock a new dimension’ for your Reiki practice as you are guided towards more purity, love & expansion!

As with all of the Advanced Usui Reiki levels, the new healing practices being introduced here are very simple & easy to integrate into your existing practices and will help you to bring a new range of ‘higher frequencies’ into your personal meditations & healing sessions, for the absolute and infinite benefit of all.

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Khoa học khám phá bản thân qua các con số - Pythagoras (Pitago)

As part of these teachings, it is important for us to again re-iterate the importance of completing the

Ascension Pathway prerequisites before receiving these Master Level energies. The Ascension

Pathways help to form the energetic foundations for these new energies and they will help to enhance the flow of the Advanced Usui Reiki healing energies from within you.

Also, as you start to progress into these higher levels, you will also be able to receive the Ascension

Pathway energies and the Advanced Usui Reiki Master Level energies in conjunction with one another, should you wish to. So for example, you will see here that there is a 3 month waiting timeframe in between the Level 7 & 8 attunements and if you wish, this time can be spent receiving more Ascension Pathway attunements & energies on your journey forward towards the light.

Above all, we hope that you will enjoy these Advanced Usui Reiki Master Levels and may these beautiful healing energies help to bring much love, light and happiness to the infinite all!

With Love Inspired Blessings,

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