We are delighted to welcome you to these Advanced Usui Reiki levels and it is with much love, light & peace that we share these beautiful and uplifing energies, attunements and healing practices here for the benefit of all.

We are deeply humbled that all of these exquisite energies have been pinely received from a group of ‘Higher Consciousness’ entities (including Dr Mikao Usui & Mrs Hawayo Takata) and have been ‘pinely designed’ for the infinite benefit of all.

This group of Higher Consciousness entities, known to us as ‘The Collective’, appeared to Love

Inspiration during the early stages of 2015. What followed was a series of energetic downloads, channeled teachings, healing practices and attunements which have now been brought together to create the Advanced Usui Reiki healing system.

As Marty and Gerry themselves progressed through these wonderful, pinely guided healing energies & attunements, they also received a series of additional information from ‘The Collective’ at each level. This additional information outlined the necessary self healing practices as well as provided more information about how to use these energies to help others.

This information also provided more insight into the purpose and healing qualities of each of the new symbols and energetic frequencies at each level of learning.

Love Inspiration have now collated all of this pine information into what you now see as a series of Advanced Usui Reiki levels and ebooks.

A repeated message received over and over again throughout this ‘downloading’ process was very clear:

The Earth (and Her inhabitants) are in need of healing, purification and pine healing assistance at this point in our evolution.

And it is with this understanding that we are delighted to play our small part here by sharing these beautiful Advanced Usui Reiki energies with our hearts open and filled with love.

We most humbly and lovingly bow down to all of the Divine Entities who have made this new energy based healing system possible and we would like to dedicate any karmic merit generated on behalf of all beings to fully realise their own truly pine & infinite potential!

We deeply hope that you will enjoy your Advanced Usui Reiki healing journey and that these beautiful & uplifing energies help to connect you with more love, light & joy in your life. May you radiate out these energies for all beings, throughout all time, space, realms & dimensions and may you bring an unlimited benefit to the collective consciousness.

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