With love and light, we welcome you to this very significant and profound step forwards on your energy based healing pathway! After what has been many, many months of healing, purification and evolution, you have now arrived at this pinnacle point of the Advanced Usui Reiki healing system. Congratulations!

The Advanced Usui Reiki Master Teacher Level will now help to provide you with a great range of healing opportunities and also, it will allow you to start sharing the Reiki energies with others as you learn about how to give attunements & teachings for all levels of Usui Reiki and Advanced Usui Reiki.

Most notably though, the Advanced Usui Reiki

Master Teacher Level will help to bring about a very significant wave of healing and purification into your own consciousness as you are guided towards more expansion, transformation and an understanding of unconditional love & one-ness.

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Khoa học khám phá bản thân qua các con số - Pythagoras (Pitago)

This period of deep purification is a very necessary part of becoming vibrationally prepared for giving attunements with the Advanced Usui Reiki Master Teacher energies and as explained by The

Collective, reaching the Advanced Usui Reiki Master Teacher Level is a most wondrous and blessed achievement!

Before receiving these profound teachings, we ask simply that you ensure that the Ascension

Pathway prerequisites have been completed. The Ascension Pathways offer a very significant vibration and are therefore a very important complement and foundation for the Advanced Usui

Reiki pathway. Having completed the prerequisites, with much love & light, we now invite you to move forwards into this final course for Advanced Usui Reiki.

We truly hope that you will enjoy opening up to these very expansive and transformational healing Master Teacher energies and may they help you to bring more inner peace, transformation and expansion into your life for the infinite benefit of all!

With Love Inspired Blessings,

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